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Artificial Disc Leads To Breakthrough In Back Surgeries

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 at 6:23 am    

Did you know that recent advancements have led to the development of artificial discs which are now being used in back surgey to replace a damaged disc?

Commonly referred to as disc replacement surgery, several surgeons in central PA are performing this type of surgery.

Traumatic events such as a motor vehicle accident can often result in an injury to a disc located in the spinal column. When the disc is ruptured or herniated, the disc material will typically press against a nerve causing pain. In many cases this pain can be quite severe.

Before the invention of artificial discs, doctors often addressed disc injuries by removing the injured disc and fusing the vertebrae above and below the disc together. Surgeons fuse the vertebrae by inserting bone material in between the adjacent vertebrae in hopes of causing the vertebrae to grow together into one single bone mass.

Although fusion surgery can often help alleviate the injured persons pain and discomfort, it has several significant drawbacks including reduced flexibility of the spine and placing additional stress on the adjacent vertebrae. And in some cases the vertebrae fail to fuse together which leads to complications and additional surgery.

Many doctors believe artificial discs may be the solution. For more information on this new and developing surgery see: Services/Spine-Center/Services