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How Robotic Cars Can Improve Driver Safety

With support for self-driving cars growing across state legislatures, the future of automobiles may point to driverless vehicles. In particular, the Google robotic car has proven that the concept of a vehicle navigating on its own is a feasible, safe possibility for future transportation. Through substantial testing over several years, these robotic cars illustrate the bright new possibilities that may someday drastically reduce the number of accidents on the road.

At the Law Office of Bill Pelhan, we look forward to the day when our Lancaster clients don’t have to worry about getting injured on the road because of someone else’s carelessness. However, driver error is still a very serious safety concern for drivers today, and those who are hurt by the careless actions of other motorists may be eligible to take legal action.

Do Robotic Cars Really Remove the Threat of Driver Error?

Without an active driver behind the wheel, Google’s robotic cars can avoid common mistakes and adjust with pinpoint accuracy in case of an emergency situation. These vehicles can help drivers by providing the following assistance:

  • Maintaining a safe speed on the road
  • Keeping a safe distance between vehicles
  • Obeying major traffic signals, such as red lights
  • Allowing for safe personal transportation for disabled individuals
  • Allowing for safe operation despite driver exhaustion
  • Permitting driver input in case of an obvious computer malfunction

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimated 80% of all accidents caused in 2006 were linked to driver error, but Google cars aim to reduce this number. These robotic cars, while still allowing for human input when necessary, hope to cut back on the total number of accidents and subsequent injuries by automating the driving process.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Lancaster

Although the possibility of utilizing safer robotic cars increases every year, today’s drivers still face a number of threats to their safety because of other people’s mistakes. If you or someone you love has been injured because of another driver’s errors, there may be legal options available to pursue compensation for any resulting losses. To schedule a consultation regarding the next steps you should take, contact the Law Office of Bill Pelhan today by calling 717-392-6362.