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Language Loss from Traumatic Brain Injuries

When a person sustains a traumatic brain injury, they may develop serious disabilities as a result. In particular, a person may lose some of their language abilities as a result of these brain injuries. Language loss can vary drastically between different injured individuals, as the location and severity of the injury will determine what kind of disability develops. Unfortunately, as our team at the Law Office of Bill Pelhan is all too aware, a victim in Lancaster may have difficulty adjusting to a life after sustaining language loss due to a traumatic brain injury.

How Traumatic Brain Injuries May Lead to Language Loss

Sadly, many traumatic brain injuries that cause language loss are the result of other people’s negligent action. As a result of these acts of negligence, victims are often left with the following types of language disabilities:

  • Loss of ability to speak verbally
  • Loss of the ability to understand spoken language
  • The inability to write legibly or without significant pain
  • The inability to read

In addition to these disabilities, some injured individuals may develop sensory problems, such as deafness or blindness, that can substantially impact their language skills.

Discuss Traumatic Brain Injuries with a Lawyer in Lancaster

If you or someone you love has developed language disabilities because of a traumatic brain injury, it may be possible to pursue legal action against the person who caused the injury. At the Law Office of Bill Pelhan, we work to help victims of such injuries seek the compensation they need to address the consequences their injury has caused. For more information about your legal options, call 717-392-6362.