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Six Things You Can Do to Help Your Loved One

If your loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it can be a difficult and challenging time for your entire family. It can be particularly difficult if your loved one has suffered a brain injury, as they may have difficulties speaking, memory issues, and even difficulties understanding what has happened. Here are a few things that you can do to help your loved one.

  1. Talk to the Doctors
    You can, and should, talk to the treating doctors so that you will know the full extent of the injuries your loved one has suffered and so you will know what to expect as far as the nature and length of treatment.
  2. Help Them Get the Therapy and Treatment They Need
    In most cases, if your loved one has suffered a serious injury, they will need physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitation treatment. You can help your loved one by making sure that they get to all of their scheduled treatments on time. Not only will this help their recovery, but it can often help make things less stressful for the injured loved one.
  3. Reassure Your Loved One
    Recovering from a serious injury can be a long and difficult process. You may be able to help your loved one by understanding their injuries and what treatment is required so that you can help explain things to them and reassure them that it is normal for recovery to take some time.
  4. Promptly Contact an Attorney
    Your loved one may be overwhelmed by what they’ve experienced, or they just may not be able to contact an attorney due to injuries and hospitalization. You can help by promptly contacting a motorcycle accident attorney. Waiting until your loved one can call on their own can result in the loss of important evidence and hinder their ability to get the compensation they deserve.
  5. Report the Accident to the Motorcycle Insurance Company
    Insurance policies require that all accidents be promptly reported. Thus, you can assist your loved one by reporting the incident if they are unable to do so or by helping them locate the appropriate phone number/policy information so that they can make the call themselves.
  6. Notify Your Loved One’s Employer
    Sometimes in the confusion following an accident, people will forget to tell their employer that they are unable to report to work because of an injury. You can remind your loved one to make this call or, if they are unable to do so, you can call on their behalf.

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