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The Three Types of Product Defects

Defective products can pose serious dangers to consumers. Whether the product in question is something as simple as a child’s toy or as complex as a large piece of machinery, any defects have the potential to cause substantial physical damage to the individual who is affected by it. Depending on the way in which a product is defective, it can be categorized into one of three main categories.

The Main Categories of Defective Products

However, while product defects can occur in a virtually infinite number of ways, all defects can be organized into three main categories. These can be explained as follows:

  • Design defects – design defects arise from the underlying design of the product itself and render every version of that product dangerous for users. Design defects occur when a product is either made dangerous regarding its intended use, or when a use for which it should reasonably be considered viable makes it dangerous.
  • Manufacturing defects – manufacturing defects occur when an otherwise safe product is rendered dangerous because of problems that occur during manufacturing. This may make only one of these products unsafe, or it could cause entire groups manufactured at the same time to be dangerous.
  • Warning Defects- A product may be defective if it lacks a warning that is necessary to warn the user of a potential danger or if the warning isn’t sufficient to adequately warn the user of a danger associated with the use of the product.

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