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Types of Motorcycle Injuries

Head/Brain Injuries

Motorcycle accidents often result in head or brain injuries, and the risk of such injuries increases dramatically when the biker is not wearing a helmet. Such injuries can include skull fractures, closed head injuries, and other traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which often lead to long-term problems for the victim. Even a mild traumatic brain injury can result in some significant cognitive problems such as memory loss, difficulty concentrating, depression, slurred speech, and mood swings.

Road Rash

When a biker hits the pavement, this can result in significant scraping and abrasion of the skin resulting in “road rash.” A biker will often suffer extensive road rash in a motorcycle accident, which can be very painful. Severe road rash can lead to an infection and serious scarring and may require extensive treatment. In severe cases, plastic surgery and/or skin grafting may be required.

Neck and Back Injuries

In a motorcycle accident, the rider is often thrown from the motorcycle and ends up striking another object or the ground with tremendous force. This often results in neck and back injuries. This can result in fractured bones (vertebras), pinched or injured nerves, or herniated discs. Many times, these injuries require surgery. And, in the worse cases, the injuries can be so severe as to result in paralysis, leaving the biker a paraplegic or quadriplegic.

Facial Injuries

If a biker is not wearing a helmet, he may be particularly vulnerable to facial injuries and related injuries including such things as broken cheek bones, a broken jaw, other facial fractures, broken teeth, eye injuries, and significant facial scarring. Many of these injuries will require surgery or other extensive treatment and can result in significant disfigurement.

Broken/Fractured Ribs

Since a biker’s chest or trunk area will often strike another object or the ground during a motorcycle accident, it is not unusual for the biker to suffer one or more broken ribs during a motorcycle accident. Few people realize how painful rib fractures are until they experience them. Any sort of movement can cause pain, even something as simple as breathing. Although quite painful, less severe rib fractures are often allowed to heal on their own without surgery.

Chest Injuries

If you suffer a chest injury or rib fractures during a motorcycle accident, it is quite possible that you will also suffer an injury to your internal organs, such as your lungs and heart. Diagnostic testing such as CAT scans or sonograms can determine the nature and extent of such internal injuries. Internal injuries such as a punctured or collapsed lung may require immediate surgery.

Broken/Fractured Bones

Given that a biker is not protected by a vehicle like an automobile driver, a biker frequently will suffer one or more fractures in a motorcycle accident. Some common fractures suffered in motorcycle accidents include hand and wrist fractures, fractured fingers, hip fractures, rib fractures, ankle and leg fractures, collarbone fractures, and foot fractures. If the fracture is a minor one, it may be possible to treat the broken bone with just a cast. However, if the fracture is a more serious fracture such as a displaced fracture or one involving multiple breaks of the same bone, then surgery will typically be needed.

Internal Injuries

Given that the motorcyclist is often thrown from the bike with great force and ends up striking another object or the ground with tremendous impact, the biker will often suffer internal injuries including injuries to internal organs such as the lungs, heart, spleen, kidneys, or liver. If the injuries are mild or minor such as a mild bruising, surgery is typically not required. However, if the internal injury is more serious such as a lacerated liver, collapsed or punctured lung, internal bleeding, or other severe injury, the biker is likely to have to undergo some sort of surgery.


Scarring is a common injury incurred by bikers involved in motorcycle accidents. And, unfortunately scars last a lifetime. In some instances, plastic surgery and skin grafting can be used to help reduce the scarring or disfigurement resulting from the injury. However, plastic surgery and skin grafting is quite expensive.

Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can change your life forever and can be devastating to you and your family. For example, a spinal cord injury can lead to the victim becoming a paraplegic or a quadriplegic. Additionally, the expenses involved in the care of a person suffering such injuries can be extraordinary.

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