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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication to Reduce Chances of Car Accidents

Many car accidents are caused by drivers who simply aren’t paying attention. Whether they are texting on their phone or simply failing to check for a vehicle in their blind spot, these drivers seriously endanger others on the road because of a lack of careful attention to the road. With vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology, however, many next-generation cars may be able to drastically reduce these kinds of accidents by warning drivers when vehicle-collected data indicates danger on the road.

At the Law Office of Bill Pelhan, we understand the strain and stress these thoughtlessly caused car accidents can bring. That’s why we help our clients in Lancaster fight for justice from other drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road.

How Can V2V Technology Prevent Car Accidents?

V2V technology may not be able to completely eliminate car accidents in the future, but it is working on taking some drastic steps towards giving drivers significant forewarning of when an accident may occur. In these situations, this technology may provide warning lights, sounds, and even tactile alarms for the following dangers:

  • When a vehicle is crossing through an intersection during a red light
  • When a driver is taking a turn or curve too fast
  • When a vehicle is in a driver’s blind spot while lane-changing
  • When vehicles are dangerously close, such as when tailgating

These kinds of imminent threats often lead to car accidents. However, this technology, which communicates data about others cars such as position, speed, and location, may be able to provide ample warning for drivers in the future, allowing them to correct their driving and avoid an accident. The technology is so promising, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may take steps to mandate the inclusion of this technology in all consumer vehicles sold in the U.S.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Lancaster

Although this technology may work to save lives and reduce the possibility of injuries in the future, motorists on the road today still have to worry about careless drivers. If you or someone you love has been injured because of such a driver, compensation may be available through legal action. To learn more about pursuing a car accident claim in Lancaster, speak with an attorney from the Law Office of Bill Pelhan today by calling 717-392-6362.