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Posted on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 2:29 pm    

The term road rage was coined in the late 1980’s following a series of shootings on the freeways in Florida and California over what drivers perceived as slights – such as being cut off. states that road rage occurs when a person acts on that feeling of rage and does something at best, rude, at worst, homicidal.

Here are some examples of actions taken when a driver is overcome by fury:

– Speeding
– Improper turns
– Tailgating
– Cutting other cars off

Generally, road rage is caused by an actual or perceived slight done by another driver. It is an overreaction to your life being put at risk.

Typically road rage involves a seemingly normal driver who blows a fuse and tries to get revenge on another driver who slighted him and then the situation spins out of control, typically resulting in an injury to other people.

We can do our part to try to help prevent road rage by being better drivers. Be sure to use your turn signals, respect other drivers, abide by the speed limit and give your fellow drivers enough space to feel free.

However, if you do run into another driver who acts like they feel slighted and are going over the edge, here are some techniques recommended by to help prevent the situation from spiraling out of control:

– Don’t engage – Avoid eye contact and don’t reply to any screaming or gestures. Engaging may just enrage the other person more and involve you in a more dangerous way.

– Get out of the way – If the other person wants to pass you or otherwise hog the road, get out of their way and let them to do so within the limits of your own safety.

– Leave your ego out of it – If another driver engages in rude conduct, don’t try to teach them a lesson or pass them. Let it go.

– Report dangerous driving to the police as quickly as possible.

– Support enforcement programs- Properly executed enforcement programs against aggressive driving can help curb road rage.

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