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Ex quarterback sues NFL for head injuries

Posted on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 at 8:06 pm    

Many people assume that risk of injury comes with the territory for professional football players. Ex-Chicago Bears quarterback Bobby Douglass, now 66, is challenging this notion by suing the NFL and helmet-manufacturer Riddell for injuries sustained during his career. He filed the suit on November 4.

Douglass is now at high risk of developing permanent brain damage during his retirement. He claims the NFL failed to educate its players about staying safe on the field.

The suit also accuses Riddell of failing to educate customers of their helmets’ limitations.

Neither Riddell nor the NFL have commented on the case.

Unfortunately, many professional athletes are injured while playing the sport they love. However, some sports organizations are now being held accountable for the injuries of their players.

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