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Why You Need to Act Immediately if Injured by a Drunk Driver

A large percent of all automobile accidents are caused by drunk drivers. This continues to be true in spite of increased efforts by law enforcement officers throughout Pennsylvania to keep drunk drivers off our roads. In 2008 thirty nine percent of auto accident fatalities were caused by a drunk driver. All too often it is the innocent victim who suffers serious and life altering injuries while the drunk driver escapes with minor or no injuries at all.

Do not be a victim twice. If you are injured in an accident that may have been caused by a drunk driver, it is important to act immediately. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney so that appropriate steps are taken to protect your legal rights.

You may be wondering why immediate action is so important. The reason is that in Pennsylvania in these situations, you may have a right to bring a lawsuit against the bar or restaurant or other similar establishment that has served the drunk driver under the PA Dramshop Act. Since proving visible intoxication is a key to making such a claim, it is important that an experienced attorney commence an immediate investigation to locate and talk to witnesses before they forget key facts, disappear, or are told not to talk to anyone about the incident.

Many times during my career I have seen how immediate action can make the difference between having a viable case and not being able to pursue such a claim. I am always available for a free consultation. Get the attention you deserve, call me at 717-392-6362.