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Home-made 3D-printed products may not be covered by product liability laws

Posted on Friday, December 20th, 2013 at 3:06 pm    

A Stanford University law professor said consumers using 3-D printed products manufactured from home may not be fully protected by product liability laws and may, thus, only be allowed to pursue claims through personal injury law, a report released by Stanford Report on December 12 stated.

In her research published in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Associate professor Nora Freeman Engstorm explained that the country’s product liability laws only cover injuries caused by defective products that have been sold by commercial distributors. As such, people who have suffered from injuries caused by home-made 3-D printed products will likely only be able to file negligence-based legal claims when trying to pursue compensation for harm caused by a dangerous product.

Typically, an individual filing a product liability lawsuit can be successful without necessarily having to prove that the manufacturer of the ill-designed product was negligent.

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