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Posted on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 at 1:36 pm    

Most of us think that we are good drivers. However, experts say it’s not how we feel about our driving skills that matters. And surveys suggest that most of us consistently overrate our driving acumen.

Walter Meyer, a veteran traffic safety consultant, says that “If people are flipping you off and honking at you and flashing their brights at you all the time, you are doing something wrong. Are you driving too slow in the left lane for no reason? Are you failing to signal or take your turn? Yes, there are jerks who will honk at you or give you the finger for no reason, but if it’s happening to you on a regular basis, then you are the problem.”

Joe Giammona, the CEO of The Driver Training Group, adds that “A good driver actually makes the road safe for the bad drivers out there.”

It turns out that there are a variety of objective ways to evaluate your road skills.

One way is to use an app. Highway Hero is an app developed by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company to evaluate your driving skills. The app tracks and scores your driving behavior based on acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, speeding and phone usage while driving.

Liberty Mutual reported that at first glance the results have been encouraging. Overall, the average Highway Hero score among users is 84 out of 100, which equates to a good driver. One of the biggest problem areas revealed by the Highway Hero is phone usage while driving. Yes, people who knew that they were being evaluated and that using the phone while driving would result in a lower score, still used their phone while driving. Another app that gives even more detail is called Automatic and is available at https:.//

While most drivers can be rehabilitated, if bad driving habits are a result of a physical problem such as deteriorating eyesight, it may be time to give up the keys. If you are over fifty, you may wish to consider a driver refresher course which can help you address any bad habits that you have developed over the years.

According, the three riskiest driving behaviors are:

1. Drinking and driving. Most traffic related deaths are caused by drunk drivers.

2. Driving while tired.

3. Speeding. Research has shown that speeding increased the risk of an accident. Yet, a full 35% of
drivers admit to driving fast.

Although not mentioned in the USA Today article, another very risky driving behavior is distracted driving. As I’ve noted in several of my recent blog articles, NHISA believes that this is a significant factor contributing to a jump in the number of highway fatalities in the past 2 years.

Source: An article appearing at entitled Are you a good driver? Well, you probably think you are by Christopher Elliott published on March 26, 2017.