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How to stay safe on icy roads

Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 7:31 pm    

Driving in snow can be stressful at best. In fact, many drivers refuse to drive in freezing weather at all costs.

If you cannot avoid driving in icy conditions, here are some tips to stay safe during a long commute:

  • Don’t turn on your cruise control. Although this feature may seem helpful in maintaining a safe speed, it may increase chances of hydroplaning.
  • Give yourself enough room. Some experts suggest that drivers should remain three times the normal distance behind the car in front of them when it’s snowing or there is ice on the roads.
  • Make sure your car is safe before leaving. Check the vehicle’s tire pressure and tread depth before heading out. Cold weather can lower tire pressure.

Even if you followed these safety tips, other drivers may choose to drive carelessly and endanger others in Lancaster. At the Law Office of Bill Pelhan, we are dedicated to helping car and truck accident victims get the compensation they need. Please call 717-392-6362 to explore your legal options today.