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Here are a few examples of the kind of the cases that I’ve handled over the years. To protect the identity of my clients, I’ve chose to keep all outcomes confidential.    All cases are different and past successes are no guarantee of a future results.

Industrial Accident

A young electrician was installing electrical conduit in the ceiling of a large factory approximately 30 foot above ground when a crane operator struck the scaffolding the electrician was standing on knocking him and the scaffolding to the floor. The electrician suffered multiple serious injuries, including fractured vertebra, multiple wrist fractures, a fractured elbow, and fractured ribs. The wrist fractures required surgery and an external fixator. His fractured vertebras were treated with clam shell brace which required that he be confined to bed for approximately 3-1/2 months. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was unable to return to his employment as an electrician.

This case was referred to me by an attorney who thought recovery might be limited to making a workers compensation claim which would have limited the recovery to those damages permitted by worker’s compensation… basically loss wages and medical expenses. As a result of my investigation and legal research, I was able to develop and make a claim against the owner of the plant on behalf of the electrician. This allowed us to recover all the damages the electrician suffered in this incident from the plant owner, including damages for pain and suffering, emotion distress, and a loss of life’s enjoyment.

Workplace Injury/Defective Product

A young woman who was the manager of a restaurant suffered extensive second and third degree burns when she was sprayed by 180˚ water while cleaning the commercial dishwasher located at the restaurant. Following standard procedure, the restaurant manager had opened the access door to clean the interior of the dishwasher when things went terribly wrong and the dishwasher activated spraying her upper body with scalding hot water. This occurred even though the dishwasher was equipped with a safety device which was supposed to ensure that the water would remain off once the access door was opened.

The manager was rushed by ambulance to the Brandywine Hospital and then transferred to the Chester Crozer Burn Center for treatment. Her burns were so extensive that she remained at the Chester Crozer Burn Center for approximately 3-1/2 weeks while she underwent multiple skin grafts to address her extensive upper body burns.

Upon being contacted by this young woman’s family, I immediately commenced an investigation which included an inspection of the commercial dishwasher with an expert engineer. We determined that a defect in the design of the dishwasher caused the safety switch to fail allowing the dishwasher to come on while the access door was open. With this information, I was able to pursue a defective product claim against the nationally recognized manufacturer of the dishwasher and make a substantial recovery for this young woman for the injuries she suffered including, compensation for the resulting disfigurement.

Automobile Accident

This young wife and mother of a future military officer was only about 1/8 of a mile from home when she was rear ended by an elderly driver while she was stopped for oncoming traffic waiting to turn left. The elder driver had failed to observe her left turn signal.

In a matter of hours this young woman started to experience extreme migraine like headaches. Through treatment, it was discovered that the noise was the main trigger for these terrible headaches. And unfortunately, she was employed on the assembly line of a very large local factory. Thus, every time she would try to work, the noise would trigger excruciating migraine headaches. Consequently, she was unable to work while her physicians tried to find an effective treatment for her headaches.

In spite of treating with multiple physicians in the Lancaster area for over 2 years, no one was able to find a solution for her severe headaches. During the course of my representation I met with both her family doctor and treating neuropsychologist to better understand the severity of her headaches and the treatment she was receiving. At one of those meetings I asked her treating physician if there wasn’t someone in Philadelphia or Baltimore that might be able to help this young mother. Through research we were able to identify a neurologist at the John Hopkins Hospital who was a leading expert in treating headaches and her doctor then referred her to this neurologist at John Hopkins. Using state of the art technology, the neurologist was able to identify a nerve injury as the source of her headache and recommend a surgical procedure which ultimately resolved her headaches.

I was able to recover not only the policy limits of the defendant in this case but also the underinsurance motorist policy limits from my client’s auto insurance company.

Automobile Accident

This father of 2 young children was on his way to work when he was struck by a car running a red traffic signal. Among the injuries suffered by this young father were multiple fractures of his dominant hand. These fractures were so severe that he had to undergo a lengthy surgery using pins, rods, and screws. With a lot of hard work and 60 some therapy sessions, my client was able to regain functional use of his hand and wrist. However even after therapy he experienced a significant reduction in the range of motion of his hand and wrist which were expected to be permanent. We were able to make a substantial recovery to compensate him for the permanency of his injuries.

Workplace Injury

This young repair man and father of five children traveled from central Pennsylvania to a large lumber mill in Northern Pennsylvania to make repairs on some plant equipment. A large metal auger that moved saw dust to a wood burning kiln was located close to the equipment the young father was attempting to repair. While working, the repairman stepped too close to the auger and his foot slipped into the metal auger and was severely mangled. The repairman was then life flighted to a regional trauma center where it was initially recommended he undergo a below the knee amputation. Fortunately, one of his physicians recommended a second opinion and this father of 5 was transferred to trauma center in Pittsburgh, PA where he underwent approximately 8 hours of micro vascular surgery which ultimately saved his foot.

With the help of the appropriate safety experts and engineers, I was able to prove that the plant had engaged in numerous safety violations and this led to a substantial recovery for my client.

Automobile Accident

A young teacher was coming home one evening when she was involved in a horrific automobile collision where another vehicle actually landed on top of her small compact car. At the time of the collision both vehicles were traveling at approximately 50 mph. The teacher died as result of the injuries she sustained in the collision.

How this horrible collision occurred is really quite shocking. Seconds before the collision, a vehicle coming in the opposite direction of the young teacher had crested a hill and saw a piece of farm equipment being towed by a team of mules on the berm of the highway. The farm equipment was too large to fit entirely on the berm and thus a portion of the farm equipment was on the actual travel lane of the highway. The driver of the oncoming vehicle swerved left in an attempt to avoid striking the farm equipment, but struck the left wheel of the equipment which propelled his vehicle into the air and on to the top of the school teacher’s automobile.

Initially this looked like a negligence case against the farmer and elderly driver, but my investigation of this incident disclosed that the only portion of the farm equipment which was struck was the left wheel which protruded beyond the body of the farm equipment. Experience led me to suspect that there were safety regulations or safety standards that required that the outer most point (in this case the wheel) be marked in a way that it would be clearly visible at night. Research confirmed such a safety standard existed.

In conjunction with a nationally recognized Philadelphia personal injury firm we were able to successfully pursue a defective product claim against the manufacture of the farm equipment in addition to a negligence claim against the farmer and elderly driver. This enabled us to obtain a much more substantial recovery than that what would have likely been recoverable from just the farmer and elderly driver.

Workplace Injury

A route delivery driver was unloading batteries from his delivery truck when a chain securing the lift gate broke causing the lift gate to collapse throwing him to the ground with several batteries landing on his right foot/leg. The young route delivery man suffered multiple fractures of his ankle which required surgery using a metal plate and screws. Even after surgery and several months of intensive physical therapy, he was left with a significant limp and consequently unable to resume his former employment.

My investigation conducted with an expert with 30 years of experience in manufacturing chains led us to the conclusion that the chain for the lift gate had recently been repaired with a chain link of insufficient strength. This enabled me to go beyond just the usual claim for workers compensation benefits and make a substantial recovery against a subsidiary of his employer who was responsible for this improper repair.

Automobile Accident

A housewife and mother of two children was only a half a mile from home when tragedy struck. A young man pulled out directly in front of her car such that she wasn’t even able to apply her breaks before this collision occurred. She gripped the steering wheel so hard that she suffered multiple severe fractures in her dominant hand. In spite of multiple surgeries, including a surgery to shorten the ulnar bone in her right arm, she was left with a significant loss of strength and range of motion in her hand and wrist. Consequently, she was no longer able to perform the duties of her assembly line job and had difficulty performing many of her normal household chores and hobbies.

Initially, it appeared that her recovery was going to be limited due to the lack of available insurance coverage. However, following a thorough investigation and extensive examination of the 400+ page file for her auto insurance, I determined that her insurance company had failed to obtain all of the appropriate documents needed to support a waiver of stacking of her underinsurance benefits. This greatly increased the amount of insurance available and enabled us to obtain a significantly more favorable recovery for my client than initially appeared possible.

Boating Accident

On a summer night this newlywed couple was returning from an overnight stay at a cabin on one of the islands in the Susquehanna River when disaster struck. They were moving slowly through the water on a pontoon boat, when a nearby speedboat suddenly turned and plowed into the pontoon boat. Fortunately, rescue boats were quickly dispatched and rescued these newly weds from the pontoon boat. While being transported to shore, the husband lost consciousness and developed difficulty breathing. Rescue personnel summoned a life lion helicopter from Hershey Medical Center and the husband was flown to the trauma center at Hershey Medical Center.

Once at the trauma center, the medical staff was able to quickly stabilize the husband and he did not suffer any permanent brain injury. However, after this incident, this young man began experiencing nightmares and flashbacks related to the incident and other symptoms typical of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Ultimately diagnosed with PTSD, he underwent a long period of treatment.

Initially, the defense asserted that the boat that our client was on did not have its lights on at the time of incident. However, my investigation disclosed the opposite and also that the defendant was intoxicated while operating his speedboat. The case was resolved for a confidential amount for our clients.

Premises Liability

This young single woman suffered severe third degree burns when she had a seizure while taking a shower in her apartment. Initially admitted to a local Lancaster Medical Center, she was quickly transferred to the Chester Crozer Burn Center for treatment of her burns. She remained at the Crozer Burn Center for approximately 4 weeks while she underwent treatment for her burns including numerous skin grafts.

I retained an engineer with a specialization in the design of oil fired boilers and the owner of a local HVAC business to assist in my investigation. Per our investigation we determined that because the hot water to my client’s apartment was provided by a oil fired furnace/boiler which also provided hot water for the heating system, water temperatures at the shower head would reach temperatures as high as 170˚ during the typical heating cycle of the furnace. Furthermore, the shower was not equipped with any antiscald device. Several law firms were unwilling to undertake this case. With the assistance of a respected Philadelphia Law Firm, we were able to obtain a substantial recovery for this young woman.

Workplace Injury

In this workers compensation case, my client, a tradesman suffered a stroke while working construction on a plant near Philadelphia. This was a severe stroke which rendered my client, who was the family’s sole bread winner, permanently disabled and thus unable to return to any employment.

Unfortunately, the workers compensation referee in this case twice refused to apply the then current case law and enter an award for my client.

It took approximately 5 years and 2 appeals to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court in order to get a favorable decision for my client awarding him his wage loss, medical expenses, and attorney’s fees plus interest.