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Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017 at 2:02 pm    

Phoenix police recently confirmed a collision between a Tesla Model X operating on autopilot and a Phoenix police office on a police motorcycle. According to a report appearing in USA Today, the officer stopped his motorcycle for a red traffic signal and then noticed that the Tesla stopped behind him began moving forward. This prompted the officer to jump off his motorcycle and move away. The Tesla then struck the fallen motorcycle. No damage was reported to either vehicle and the police officer later estimated that the Tesla was moving at about only 3 miles per hour.

The Tesla driver told the police officer at the scene that the Tesla was in the autopilot mode. A spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department stated that investigators were unable to collaborate that statement and that no further investigation will be conducted because it was a very minor collision and the officer was not harmed.

Sargent Alan Pfohl speaking on behalf of the Phoenix Police Department stated that “It was pretty much a tap.” “It wasn’t even a reportable collision. If it wasn’t involving an officer, we would not have even investigated it.” The USA Today article also notes that Telsa company executives declined to comment on the record.

Source: An article appearing at USA Today entitled Tesla ‘autopilot’ car hits Phoenix police motorcycle by Megan Cassidy of The Arizona Republic posted on March 28, 2017.